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Move from Confusion to Fierce Clarity 

Been stuck changed my life forever! 

It's okay if you find yourself confused about what to do next or how to do it. 

It's okay if you are currently dissatisfied at the workplace or looking to make some career moves and unsure of the next direction however its unacceptable to remain in this state. 

It has become increasingly easy to get lost in the myriad of noise and distraction that seeks to drive you farther away from your purpose in so many ways ranging from confusion, self-doubt, sabotage, excuses. The list is endless to keep you in the rat race

What if you could cut through the noise of confusion and align with your profitable purpose?

You have just one life to live and need to get clear on finding your voice, owning your voice and sharing your voice to make the world a better place while making money with it 

Tame the Inner Critic 

There is a deep nudge within your soul to Be and Do more yet an unending struggle within your self raising self-doubt and sabotage. You feel like you are not good enough or there are so many professionals in your niche who are super-qualified than you. 

You have talked yourself out of ever living your dream life and created excuses that justify the neglect. 

It's time to drown out the fears and talk that's holding you back and learn how to master the art of winning your mind games

Turn your Purpose to Profit  

Every woman has a purpose that is designed to meet a need in the world.  You are more than a sister, wife, mother, cousin, work colleague. You deserve to live out all your dreams. You discover to make money doing what you love with the people you truly care about 

Through our live virtual training, I'll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the entire process of aligning with your inner self to uncover your purpose and creating a product or service to serve humanity. 

For A Limited Time, Get Access to this Program for a one-time fee of $197 or Pay in installment of $97 each for 3 months 

Because we are in a pre-launch/Beta phase, we're offering access at this price for a limited number of people with the opportunity to become an Ambassador for this program and earn commissions via your unique link. 

Enroll now and join us for 6 weeks of live virtual training. The program begins September 25th, 2020 and runs for 6 weeks every Friday  11:00 am -12:00 pm MST (6:00 pm -7:00 pm WAT) 

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Courses in this Program

Courses in this Program:

About Olapeju

Olapeju is the founder of The MindDiet Company, a service-based organization focused on helping women navigate from confusion to clarity of purpose and break free from limiting beliefs, self-doubt or sabotage to live your best life.
Life has thrown me some curveballs undoubtedly, from losing my mum at age 9 to losing my sense of independence after my first love relationship fell apart. I was stuck and had low self-esteem alongside self-doubt. I practiced self-sabotage and kept waiting in vain.
Unknowingly I was stirring deeper into the dark clouded with all sorts of negative thoughts and confused about my purpose.
This experience took me on a journey of reinventing myself, learning about mindset through courses and programs including Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mind Power, Life purpose certification.
For 9 years, I have been applying these proven techniques that I teach others to reprogram the mindset to align with the life of your dreams, I believe that every woman can embrace their superpower and combine their emotional and intellectual prowess to create solutions to the challenges faced in the world today.
At MindDiet, our philosophy for success is 80 percent centred on cultivating a growth mindset and 20percent execution of agreed strategy with the flexibility to keep improving.
Olapeju is a Pharmacist with passion in women's mental health and a Certified Project Manager who deployed her strategic skills to help multinational brands gain market access in Africa and generated 6 figures in USD .
I love listening to music, dancing and travelling. I am super-adventurous and a life-long learner
Warning: My positivity is contagious and if you choose to work with me, you'll catch it too. I'll get you thinking nothing is impossible.

See you in Class .

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Been working with Coach Peju for about 8 years now and each time I sought her opinion on an issue,she was always ready with the right solution.She has shown me over the years how success and positive outcomes truly starts with the mindset .She is apt at nudging your mind through the right though processes to achieve whatever goal you set . With her, there really isn't an impossibility,no matter how little or complicated you may consider your worries . Coach Peju is your first plug ” ― Faith Duncan -Shotunde
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